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Tamil Nadu Padmasaliyar sangam in the State Level which is situtated in Chennai City and   headed  by the  president  Sri.K.G. Ramasamy Chettiar, Kumbakonam, State General Secretary Sri Sebolu Thilakendran, Chennai and Executive Members all over Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Padmasaliyar Sangam is publishing a monthly journal by  name “PADMASALIYAR KURAL”.  Nearly 3000 copies are printed and circulated by the  Sangam to the members. Life subscription of the  Padmasaliyar Kural is Rs 400/- only. The journal speaks about student education, employment opportunities, matrimonials, religion and birthday celebrations.  The above mentioned activity is properly conducted by Padmasaliyar Sangam in Chennai.

Recently, we  have  formed  an  Educational Trust in  State  Level SRI BHAVANARAYASAMY PADMASALIYAR EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL CHARITABLE TRUST,  The Registed office of the above Trust is situated in Chennai in No. 35/16, V.C. Garden First Street, Raja Annamalaipuram Post, Chennai 600 028. The Headquarters of the Administrative Office will be at Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli-620 006.

The main object of the trust is to provide financial assistance to our Padmasaliyar Community students who want to pursue the higher education.  But due to financial constraint may are not in a position to continue their studies. For this purpose we have proposed to collect more funds from our Community  people. We request all our people, employees in State and Central Government, retired people, money lenders, traders and  business magnates to contribute liberally this funds to this trust for  the noble cause.  That will help the poor students to realize their dreams.

The amount will be deposited in  Fixed Deposit Account.  This Fixed Deposit will earn interest regularly.  This kind of income will give us an opportunity to help our poor students in the State every year.

This trust will act as a wing of the Tamil Nadu Padmasaliyar Sangam, Chennai to help the Padmasaliyar Community Students. The above trust is very much anxious to collect more funds not only  from Community people but also from other  people from abroad.

Hence the above Educational  and Medical Charitable Trust request you, to donate liberally to the above Trust.

Tamil Nadu Padmasaliyar Sangam
     The donations may kindly be sent  in favour of:


     Payable at Srirangam and bearing  a Savings Bank Account No 30516213057 and also the same
     Demand  Draft may kindly be forwarded to :

Padmasaliyar Sri Ramanujakoodam Thirumana Mahal,
                                           No. 75/92 Keela Adayavalanjan  Street,
                                           Sringam Post,
                                           Tiruchirappalli District - 620 006,  Tamil Nadu.